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We are SEO copywriters and communications specialists that work across South Africa. Our team understand data protection and POPIA compliance strategies and incorporate these in the work we do. Ask us about our data protection workshops and consultations.

We offer communications for all your office needs and SEO copywriting services for online marketing campaigns.

  • Your emails, proposals and ad hoc internal and external communications.
  • Streamlining and documenting internal processes (on the road to POPIA compliance).
  • We assist companies develop privacy, web, social media and other policies.
  • SEO optimized content for your website and marketing content for your events.
  • Templates you can actually use in your business; such as, templates for meeting minutes, letterheads, petty cash forms, general office or client forms, and much more.
  • Information mapping, so you know what information you collect and process.

Content is tailored to your company’s individual communication needs.


SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting

Without content it’s impossible to rank in search engines.

  • With focus on the individual, content is tailored to reflect your tone and personality or brand.
  • Do you need a translator for your Afrikaans business to feature online? Let us translate your business and tell the world your story. 
  • Need someone to write your blog? Let us know, we can help with that.
  • Weekly, monthly, or getting you started options.


Content for your website and social media pages

Have a website with no content? Let’s tell the world your story.

  • Content that is tailored to reflect your voice and champion your brand.
  • Whether you need existing content edited or content from scratch, we provide professional clean written copy that is optimised to rank higher in search engines. 
  • Tell the world who you are, what your services are, your goals and mission, and introduce your team.



Have you written a book? We can help you self publish it.

Whether you are an executive who has put your experience on paper or an aspiring crime writer, we can help you self publish.

Why us?

  • THSA provides a professional editing service.
  • We guide you all the way, reducing the stress associated with self publishing.
  • Layout and cover design for paperback and e-books.
  • Upload your book to popular online self publishing platforms like Amazon.
  • Our online SEO copywriting specialists help you advertise your book on Amazon and Google.


Creative writing workshops for Corporates

Build a team that thinks creatively

Writing words creatively sparks imagination and creativity. So, unlock the potential of words with a creativity course aimed at professionals. Great for team building sessions. 



We are more than just SEO copywriting specialists…

What people say

Inspirare Academy

Inspirare Academy would like to thank you, Liz, for helping us find our words when we could not find them. You hit the nail on the head every time. Thank you for your professionalism and for keeping me on track and reminding me of deadlines. You guided me through my own thoughts and kept me on topic when I lost my train of thought. You are a really talented writer. I will recommend The Hanna Smith Agency for all your Social Media Content. Rachel Blignaut Managing Director

Jan-Ad Stemmet

I am amazed at how some writers needs a trillion words to describe a single striking moment. And others need but a few words to solicit a million emotions. Liz does this. The story is singularly simplistic but packs a wallop. It speaks not only to the heart but to the sole purpose of the soul. It speaks to justness. Not superficial justice – but justness. The short story indeed transcends the immediate characters and one quickly gets entangled with much more emotions. Profound in its simplicity. ‘Melanie said. But I guess you already knew that.’ Hopefully Liz will send more stories our way!

Annette Jansen van Vuuren

Hi Liz, I just want to thank you again for your tremendous help, I would not have been able to deliver the quality work  for submission, if it was not for you. All the reviews so far is amazing – we are just waiting to hear from SABC2.  Your input made all the difference – if it was not for your guidance and personal attendance as freelance editor and proofreader, I would not had a change to submit with such confidence and so many people backing me. 

You boosted my confidence constantly. Made an effort to contact me out of your own, gave advise without expecting anything in return form me! You bowl me over! The comments and guidelines you gave me on my script gave me new way of looking at screenwriting – I have grown so much! Thanks and thanks again. You are a God-gifted blessing. I stand amazed by your complete, 300%, commitment this last, nearly 2 years, to a nobody – you believed in me and that kept my dream going. You are GREAT and talented and in my eyes, the best of the best in what you do. You go girl! xx Annette xx

Annette Roux

Liz, I passed your comments to my producer and he was very happy with your input! Annette – script submission to SABC2



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