POPIA and receptionists, are you ready?

Receptionists can no longer ignore their role in keeping data at the reception desk safe. We have therefore dedicated an entire chapter to POPIA and the receptionist for easy reference.

Accelerate your career by getting informed and noticed from day 1 – or – from the day you bought this book.

  • I am entering the workplace for the first time as an assistant. Is this book for me? YES
  • I need to know more about POPIA and how it affects me as a receptionist. Is this book for me? YES
  • I have been working at reception for a while and still find myself searching online for templates, how-to’s and advice. Is this book for me? YES
  • I have been at reception for a while, yet newer employees seem to be more efficient and knowledgeable than me – and they are getting noticed! Is this book for me? YES

Reception skills

THE NEW RECEPTIONIST – A resource for new receptionists or assistants who would like to get noticed and excel at tasks – FROM DAY 1. Or, for those who need a refresher so that new assistants don’t take the spotlight with simple tasks performed extremely well.

Our receptionist training guide focuses on a specific range of topics. Moreover, each topic is selected to ensure that every receptionist or assistant has the tools they need to succeed from the very first day. More important, training is structured in a useful and meaningful way.

Most trainee receptionists do not have time or funding to enter into learning institutions for reception skills. So, with The New Receptionist on your desk, your training has already begun. Further, the book covers advanced reception skills that are crucial to the position.

To sum up, receptionists are introduced to various skills and guided through their daily duties in a practical manner. Therefore, with additional notes and definitions of terms added to each chapter, each learner enjoys a comfortable learning experience.

What reception skills will I learn?

Reception skills and soft skills training, such as:

  • Receiving guests
  • Petty cash control
  • Courier services
  • Arranging travel for the purpose of business
  • Working with time zones
  • Telephone etiquette and dealing with angry callers
  • Softphones and hardphones
  • Working with PDFs and images in documents
  • Business correspondence
  • Terms used in a corporate environment
  • Who is who in the company structure
  • The GDPR, POPI and the receptionist
  • IT Security
  • Managing your time, work, and career
    and more…

What are soft skills?

The top soft skills employers value are people skills, communication skills and a high level of emotional intelligence. Our 2nd edition will include additional soft skills chapters for those who wish to focus on the subject.

More examples of soft skills include; team work, adaptability, leadership and problem solving.

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Our receptionist and soft skills guide is available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle.