We are expert communications specialists and copywriters in South Africa. So, whether you’re a corporate looking to improve your communications strategies or a business in need of SEO copywriting services, we have something for you. Oh, we publish books for professionals too. 

What do copywriters do?

Copywriters write content for print , social media, websites, blogs, billboards and so on. The text a copywriter writes is called “copy”. Nowadays, most copywriters are SEO experts which means that they have the added skill of writing search engine friendly content.

Why should I hire an SEO copywriter?

SEO copywriters are copywriters who write content for the web. In other words, they write the text you see on a website, on social media platforms and blogs. SEO, which stands for “Search Engine Optimisation”, is a specific skill that has the following benefits:

  • SEO is cheaper than PPC (pay-per-click)
  • Content that ranks organically is considered more trustworthy that adverts
  • SEO is a specialised service that will earn a greater ROI in the long run


Why choose us?

  • We have been in the Communications business for more than 15 years. As a result, your content is safe with us.
  • SA’s biggest film and branding companies use us. However, our clients are diverse and from a wide range of industries.
  • We are IT savvy and understand the technology behind the Communications industry.
  • We specialise in:
  • SEO copywriting services. We generate optimised content so that your website ranks organically.
  • Writing and publishing our own training material, and yours.
  • Delivering integrated copy. We have a trusted network of SEO specialists, designers and branding specialists that provide us with industry support and advice.

We are flexible

  • That is, no contracts. Feel free to hire us any time.
  • Customisable payment for recurring services and larger projects.
  • We comfortably slot into current projects where we are needed, for as long as we are needed.

Corporate communications

The Hanna Smith Agency knows that you have spent a great deal of money and time developing your brand. We therefore ensure that your internal and external communications are as catchy and professional as the copy our copywriters wrote for you online.

The Hanna Smith Agency writes professional business profiles and performs editing and proofreading tasks.

Our team takes communications a step further

As part of a skills development initiative, The Hanna Smith Agency published a guide to the professional workplace for staff who are new to the business world in an administrative position. We believe that everyone should have the chance to learn soft skills for the workplace.

Please visit our Books section for more information on The New Receptionist by Hanna Smith.

What can we do for you?

We are copywriters, and so much more …

  • SEO copywriting for your website, social media pages and blog
  • Translating your Afrikaans copy to English
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Marketing content
  • Templates you can actually use in your business; such as, meeting minutes, letterheads, general forms, client forms, and much more.

We can help you publish your book

  • Have you written a book? THSA provides a full self-publishing service to authors
  • We assist you to publish fiction and non-fiction
  • Edit, layout, cover design and upload your book to popular self-publishing platforms
  • Adwords and Amazon advertising.